Officers & Directors

All the officers and directors may be reached by e-mail to:


David Nims President:  941-743-9511

Tom Osborne Vice President: 941-625-2123

Lynda Platt Secretary: 941-347-8403

Chris (Brown) Fitzgerald Treasurer:  941-929-5338


Ennis (Buz Terry) Bisbano Education & Scholarship: 941-623-0619
Fred Capitelli Board Development: 941-749-2157
Dan Cobb Finance: 740-361-4060
Connie Gean Membership & InTune Newsletter: CCJazz Hotline
Jim Howarth Finance: 941-505-2789
Pam Koontz Board Development: 941-749-0469
Aaron Lucas Sponsorship
Mike Parmelee Concert & Jam Coordinator
Lynda Platt Long Range Planning: 941-347-8403
Charlotte Quinn Historian

Bobbie Gaspari Honorary Director

CCJS Hotline: 941-766-9422

Website:        Charlotte County Jazz-CCJS

Photography by Ken Franckling

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