2023 Scholarship Form

Bud Wagner – Donatella and Ken Neumann Memorial Scholarship
2023 Music Scholarship Application

Each year, the Charlotte County Jazz Society provides financial assistance to several qualifying members of the Senior Class in the areas High Schools who wish to pursue careers in music or music education. Applicants must be permanent resident in Southwest Florida and graduate in the year 2023. Scholarships will be awarded to students judged to deserve a scholarship from the Society.

Criteria for selection:

  1. A letter of recommendation must accompany this application (letter from a teacher is acceptable).
    A copy of your selection must be presented to the judges at the audition.
  2. Applicant must appear and perform an audition, Location and Time TBD
  3. Demonstrated interest and ability in music.


Proper attire is required for audition. Instrumentalists and vocalists will be expected to perform a selection of scales (major and minor), sight read a selection w/ improv, and perform a selection of their choice. Applicants must present at least one copy of their selection to the judges at the audition. Percussionists will be expected to sight read a selection, perform a selection of their choice and demonstrate a knowledge of the fundamental rudiments. The scholarships will be awarded at the Jazz Society’s last monthly concert of the season, date TBD.

QUESTIONS? Contact James Mashburn at 941-626-0318 – or email at: james.d.mashburn@gmail.com

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